❥ Oz

Published on 27 October 2021 at 15:00


1 - 4  players
20 - 30 min
Age: 10 +
Weight: xx
Publisher: Gen-X Games

~The Wonderful Wizard of Oz ~

Dorothy is in a wonderful world where she tries to reach Emerald City to fulfill her wish to return home. She is joined by her new friends, the Cowardly Lion, the Tin Woodman and the Scarecrow.

In this card game, the players will help the characters to reach Emerald City. In the center of the table are four different travel decks, North, South, East and West. Turn over the top card of the pile, if it is a purple card, place it next to the pile and turn over a new card. The purple character cards are your enemies! On your turn, you take two cards from different travel decks. Here you will find parts of the road (with a character on it) and the characters themselves and allies.

If you take a road card, you may draw it and place it in front of you. If you want to play a character, you must have a road card for it. Place the road card face down on your discard pile. In this way you continue the game until the travel decks are used up. But that is not everything. Your enemies are lurking. Do you want to take a card from a travel deck that has an enemy next to it? Then the question is whether that is possible. At the bottom right is the character who play against each other, such as the lion with the crows. If you want to take a card that the card with the crows is next to, you must sacrifice a lion card. It also works the other way around, if you play a lion you may (if there is one) take a card with the crows and put it on your discard pile. In addition, there are also allies who will help you again during the game!

You collect points with the cards on the discard pile and the amount of characters in your playing field. The more, the more points. The game ends when the travel decks are used up.

My Thoughts

I saw this game on Spiel and immediately noticed it. How cool that the box is a book! I've also become a real fan of the artwork. Oz is really a filler, a game that you can play in between. It may not be very challenging or strategic, but the concept with the enemies and sometimes having to discard your cards makes it very cool.

Gen-X Games provided my a review copy