❥ Happy Little Dinosaurs

Published on 23 October 2021 at 15:00

Happy Little Dinosaurs

2 - 4  players
30 - 60 min
Age: 8 +
Weight: 1.75/5
Publisher: Unstable Games

In Happy Little Dinosaurs, you endure one setback after another as a cute dino. Falling trees, being trampled, falling into a tar pit, a date that doesn't show up, all these miserable things you have to deal with. Are you the dino that can survive long enough to score fifty points or will you live the longest at all? Then you are the winner! ✨

Each round, players play a card from their hand, which are cards with numbers on them. To start, a disaster card is turned over, be natural disasters, predatory disasters or emotional disasters. Each player now chooses a card from their hand, then they are revealed at the same time. The player with the highest score wins the round. The player who finishes last gets the disaster card. When a player has three disaster cards of the same kind, or three different ones, the game ends for that player. 🦕

My Thoughts

Those dino meeples! First, they are incredibly cute. The artwork is really what I'm a fan of! A fun game that is easy to learn. I'll add that I watched a video on YouTube explaining exactly how to play the game. There are many cool cards with fun humor with the disasters you experience. In addition, you are all (2-4 players) your own character with your own qualities. This way you can also switch dinosaurs! It is a simple game and therefore does not necessarily have much strategy in it, but therefore perfect as a filler.