❥ Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!

Published on 2 December 2021 at 15:00

Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF!

2 - 4 players
30 - 45 min
Age: 9 +
Weigh: 1.90/5
Publisher: Gamelyn Games

Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF is a dice and card game set in the Galaxy. The goal is to colonize as many planets as possible using your spaceships.

Each player gets their spaceships, galaxy mat and wooden tokens in a color of their choice. On your turn, you roll the dice. In the beginning you start with four dice but you can upgrade to more as the game progresses. The dice show actions that you can perform.
The different actions are:
⌘ Move your spaceship
Land on the planet or stay in orbit around the planet to start the colonization.
⌘ Advance Colonization
As your spaceships orbit a planet, they work to colonize it by moving along the colony track. Depending on the planet, you can use either Life or Tech.
⌘ Acquire Resources
Planets can produce two different types of resources that you can collect: Energy and Culture.
⌘ Using the Galaxy
This die allows you to perform an action on your Galaxy Mat or an action on one of the planets that you have colonized.

You may always re-roll the dice once per turn. After that it costs one Energy. Other players may also use the dice, this is the so-called 'follow' mechanism. They do pay one Culture for this.

The game includes the Satellites and Super Weapons mini-expansion, which adds extra strategy and increases replayability.

You can collect points by colonizing the plants and upgrading your player board. The first player to reach 21 points is the winner of the game!

 My Thoughts

Tiny Epic Galaxies BLAST OFF is the first game I've played from the Tiny Epic series and I'm really excited about it! It is a simple and fast dice game where you have to think strategically, always nice to have in your collection. The game has fun orange dice and cute meeples in the shape of spaceships. You can easily set up the game and after a short read through the rules you can start. The rules are clearly defined and there are a limited number of actions that are easy to remember. It is simple yet challenging. The luck element is reduced by allowing you to roll again or to use Energy to roll again.

Perfect to play in between or when you don't feel like an expert game. I also really like the tracking mechanism. This way you stay involved in the game when it's your opponents turn, this gives more player interaction. It's also perfect to take with you because it's a small compact game, nice and tiny! This was a good start for me to get acquainted with the Tiny Epic collection from Gamelyn Games.

Gamelyn Games  provided me a review copy.