❥ Wazabi

Published on 14 September 2021 at 15:00


2 - 6 players
20 min
Age: 8 +
Weigh: 1.10/5
Uitgever: Geronimo Games, Gigamic

In Wazabi you roll dice and play cards. The goal is to get rid of all your dice! The fewer dice you have, the harder it becomes to get rid of them. 

All players are dealt four dice and three cards. The remaining cards form a draw pile. On your turn you roll the dice, on the dice there are different symbols that lead to actions:
- Take as many cards from the deck as the number of dice with the card symbol;
- Give each die with the die symbol to a player of your choice (with 4+ players player to your left or right).
- Play 1 card, the effect of the card is instant.

To be allowed to play a card, you must have rolled the required number of W symbols on the card with your dice. These are on the top left and it varies from 0 to 3 W symbols. With these cards you can discard dice or hinder your opponents by, for example, making them wait a turn or forcing them to discard cards.

The first player to get rid of his dice wins the game. You can continue the game until there is only 1 player left. ✨


My Thoughts

Wazabi is a smooth and easy game. The rules are very simple so you can start playing quickly. The actions of the cards are also still on the cards so that you can fall back on them during the game. I've become quite a fan these days of fast dice games that you can do in between heavier games. Wazabi is a game for you if you like dice games, like to annoy your opponents and can also handle being annoyed yourself! 

Geronimo Games provided me a review copy