❥ Capital Lux 2: Generations

Published on 10 December 2021 at 15:00

Capital Lux 2: Generations

1 - 4 players
15 - 40 min
Age: 10 +
Weigh: 2.33/5
Publisher: Aporta Games

Lux and the surrounding areas are constantly changing and developing. The four families, the rebels, the spirituals, the nobles and the scientists have always been able to live side by side. As the generations grow up, there are changes. The one thing that alone will never change is the Emperor's law. Everyone should contribute to the common good and send qualified members to the capital.

❥ How do you play Capital Lux?

The game is played in 3 rounds. They go through three steps:
1. Draft cards
Each player is dealt 6 cards from the citizen pile. Each player looks at their cards and chooses 2 to keep. Pass the remaining cards to the player to your left and choose two more of them. You end up with 6 cards again.

2. Play cards

On your turn, you play one card from your hand. You play this card in your home base or in the Capital. Playing cards in your home base is played in the corresponding suit. Due to single power tile, cards can also end up in a different district than the actual card suit. These cards can earn you points at the end of the game. When you play a card in the Capital, you perform the power effect of the corresponding power tile. This is, for example, an extra turn or drawing an extra card.

3. Round end.

If one player runs out of cards, the other players have one last turn. The players who still have cards in their hand after that must play these cards in their home base. Each player now compares the total value of the cards in their home base with the total value in the Capital, per district. The total value of a district in your home base cannot exceed the value in the Capital. If so, you must discard all cards from the district.

After this you can score bonus cards. In the home base, it is checked per district which player has the highest total value. That player takes the highest value card from the Capital and places it face down on his scoring pile above the Home Base. In the event of a tie, you use the gold tokens.

After 3 rounds the game is over. Count the values ​​of all the cards in your home base, your bonus cards and 2 points for each gold token. The player with the most points wins the game!

Solo Version

Capital  Lux 2: Generations also has a solo version. In principle, you follow the standard rules. You play against the automatic player named ROB. Try to beat ROB's score to win the game!

❥ My Thoughts

I get a bit of 'The Hunger Games' feelings from this game, because you play for the Capital and in districts. The game has simple rules with playing cards. You try to ensure per district that the total value is not higher than in the same district in the Capital. Even though the rules are simple, you have to make the right decisions. Do you play the cards for bonus tiles in the Capital or do you play the value of the card in your own home base. Always keep in mind that if the cards in your district are higher than in the Capital, you have to discard them while you were just as good at building your district.

I really like the artwork of the box. That immediately caught my attention and is really beautiful to photograph. The playing cards have the same cool artwork. The playing material alone does not easily go back into the box due to the cardboard insert. You might as well take that out.

I haven't tried the solo version yet, but I definitely will!

In Capital Lux 2: Generations, you must come up with a plan to outsmart your opponent(s) and make the best for your district. As far as I'm concerned a smooth and easy card game that can be perfect as a filler. Do not expect a deep-thinking card game, but a card game with interesting actions and possibilities to play the cards.

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