❥ Jekyll vs Hyde

Published on 9 December 2021 at 15:00

In a trick game, each player plays a card on each turn. The cards that are played form a trick. The player who plays the best card wins the cards and so the trick.

Jekyll vs. Hyde

2 players
30 min
Age: 8 +
Weight: 1.17/5
Publisher: Mandoo Games - GeronimoGames 

Jekyll vs. Hyde is a trick game for two players. The game is based on the novel: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You play one of these two characters. If Dr. Jekyll, you try to hide your split personality and when Mr. Hyde is trying to let Evil get the upper hand.
The game has 21 battle cards in 3 different colors, 4 brew cards, a player board and 3 chips. There is also a beautiful metal figure: the personality pawn.

 How to play Jekyll vs. Hyde

The game is played in 3 rounds, which consist of 3 phases:
1. Preparation
Each player is dealt 10 cards, then you trade 1 of your cards with your opponent. In round 2, this is 2 cards, in round 3, 3 cards. If you have 2 or more brew cards, you must trade at least 1 of them. The brew cards allow you to activate special effects of the suits, such as stealing or trading cards.

2. Battle
The position of the personality pawn determines the starting player. In the first round, Dr. Jekyll the starting player. Each round consists of 10 tricks. The starting player places a card of his choice face up on the table. As an opponent, if possible, you play a card of the same suit, a brew card (not on another brew card) or, failing that, a card in a color of your choice. The played cards are compared, in the same suit the player with the highest card wins, for cards in different suits the card with the strongest suit wins (how the chips are on the game board). When a brew card is played, you play the effect of the card. The player who wins the trick discards the cards and is the starting player in the next trick.

3. Progression of Evil
You compare the number of tricks each player has won and subtract the smallest number from the largest number. Example: Dr. Jekyll won 6 tricks and Mr. Hyde 4 tricks: 6 - 4 = 2. The personality pawn moves 2 spaces, always in the direction of Mr. Hyde.

If the personality pawn is on the last space (far left) of the game board, Mr. Hyde. If not, start a new round. Dr. Jekyll wins the game after the third round if the personality pawn does not land on the last square.

 My Thoughts

The battle between good and evil. Jekyll vs. Hyde is an interesting game to me. Very honest, me and not very experienced with trick games. I have a few in my collection, but I don't really pick them up. Jekyll vs. Hyde really grabs my attention. This is mainly due to the mysterious front of the box. Although I am in two minds with the artwork, on the one hand I like it but on the other hand I don't at all. Maybe that's because of the somewhat strange / angry looking men, hahah.

Moving on to the game, this trick game is also asymmetrical. The two characters play differently. dr. Jekyll has to find the balance, concretely: make sure that the personality pawn does not end up on the far left square. This is the only purpose of Mr. Hyde. You therefore have to think carefully about which cards you are going to play and of course you also try to get in each other's way.

If you're going to play this game, it's recommended to switch with the characters, because they both play really differently. It plays for Dr. Jekyll also more difficult, to keep the balance in the game.  As Dr. Jekyll you have to make sure the personality pawn doesn't end up all the way to the left. The game also has an expert variant, you play both characters once and then count the score. That way it is more evenly distributed.

Jekyll vs. Hyde has a mysterious theme and very nice that it is based on a novel. If you're a fan of trick games, I think this is definitely a good one to add, partly because it plays asymmetrically. In addition, the rules are easy to learn and play the game quickly. Also a good one to play in between. I have to say that Jekyll vs. Hyde convinced me to do trick games more often!

GeronimoGames provided me this review copy.