❥ Biotopia

Published on 11 November 2021 at 15:00


2 -5 players
15 - 30 min
Age: 10 +
Weight: 2.00/5
Publicer: WeLoveGames

In Biotopia you create a flower garden to attract butterflies. The game consists of 105 cards, which are 100 playing cards and 5 mission cards. 

All players start with four cards. Everyone plays one of these as a flower in their garden. Then the players take turns taking one of the following actions:

① Draw card - from the draw pile
② Draw card - from the clearing
③ Playing a flower card
④ Playing a Butterfly Card
⑤ Taking a mission card if you meet the conditions.

To play a butterfly in your garden, there must be enough flowers. All butterflies have their own unique abilities, advantages or disadvantages, which can give you extra points. The game continues until one player reaches 15 points. After this, the game continues until everyone has had their last turn and then the points are counted. 

My Thoughts

I love this cute butterfly theme! I got this game at Spiel'21 and I was immediately impressed by the artwork. Also a little bit competitive, you try to attract the best butterflies to your garden and achieve the mission cards. You have to constantly keep an eye on your opponents. It is a simple game where you also have to be strategic. Biotopia is easy to learn and quick to play, making it perfect for in between. 

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