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Published on 21 December 2022 at 15:00


2 - 5 players
20 minutes
Aanbevolen leeftijd vanaf 8 jaar
Publisher the Netherlands: Gam'inBIZ

Let the World hear your Rawwr!

Dinosaurs the incredible animals that lived on Earth millions of years ago. The dinosaurs live on in CuboSaurus. The rulers of the earth each knew their own place. A volcanic eruption upset the balance of the dinosaurs. Fortunately, you can help to get the dinosaurs back in balance.

In CuboSaurus you collect dinos and with each dino you score points in a different way. During your turn you are dealt one or more cards and you have to choose: Add them to your herd or pass them on to the next player.

If you don't have any cards in your hand yet, take a card from the deck. Based on this card (or cards), you decide whether you want to keep it yourself or whether you want to pass it on. If you want to keep the cards, add them directly to your herd of dinosaurs. If you choose to pass the cards, the player must also choose a card from the deck to pass. When passing, the cards are passed to the next player. Then this player's turn starts immediately. Since he or she already has cards in hand, no new card needs to be taken. In this way you try to strategically save certain dinos and get rid of certain dinos. Some dinosaurs even yield minus points. With good combinations it yields pluses.

If you want a little more challenge, an expansion is already included in the box! From the 10 cards you take as many as there are players plus 1 extra. These are placed face up in the middle of the table. These cards can be purchased during the game for DNA strand. Each time you place a card in your herd that contains a DNA strand, you may take 1 from the supply. A card with a lightning bolt is immediately executed, for example, removing 1 card from your herd. Cards with a green star are worth points at the end of the round. There are also cards with a red flame. This also allows you to harass your fellow players by removing a card from their herd.


CuboSaurus is a fast and fun game for the whole family.
The dinosaurs are in the spotlight: the dinos in cube shapes. The game is quick to explain and you can play it in about 10 20 minutes. The way of collecting cards makes the game very fun. By passing the cards you are playing interactively. In the beginning you have to get to know the cards a bit so that you sometimes dare to take risks with holding or passing on the cards. After playing a few times, it gets more and more fun! How nice that there is already a mini expansion with the special cards and the DNA strands.

The striking artwork makes the game, just like CuBirds, very unique! Lovers of CuBirds will also appreciate CuboSaurus!


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