❥ Sauria

Published on 12 January 2022 at 15:00


1 - 5 players
45 / 150 min
Age: 14 +
Weight: 3.00/5
Publisher: Millian Games 


Isla Sauria, the new theme park with living dinosaurs! In Sauria, you take on the role of one of the unique characters, such as the ranger or the saboteur. You are here to give your expert opinion and approval before this park opens. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned. Power and security systems go down, dinosaurs escape and the volcano starts spewing lava!

Sauria is played in 16 turns corresponding to 48 hours in the game. In these 16 turns you try to achieve your personal goals and get to safety. Each character has different skills, objectives to match and players focus on different things, such as hunting dinosaurs.

On your turn you explore the island and you can spend a maximum of 3 action points, the stronger an action, the more points the action costs. As you wander around the island and discover different locations, you'll find useful tools and weapons. Those will certainly come in handy. Try to attract as little attention as possible from the dinosaurs. Inevitably, the dinosaurs are coming for you! You must use weapons to protect yourself and move forward unscathed.

To make matters worse, after 24 hours, the volcano starts spewing lava onto the island, destroying roads, jungle and buildings, and even the friendliest dinosaurs panic.

Once the 16th turn is over, the game ends. The player who gets the most victory points by completing objectives and escapes the island of dinosaurs wins the game!

 My Thoughts

Doesn't all this sound a bit familiar? The game reminds me of Jurassic Park and takes you completely into that atmosphere. This is partly due to the artwork which is completely in the theme. Sauria uses this theme well into an exciting board game.

There is much to do and little time to successfully escape from the island. I like how the game board is gradually stripped away and sometimes forces you to change your plans in order to survive. Try and escape before the island is completely covered in lava!

It's also nice that there are several characters who play asymmetrically. So you can try the flight from the island in different ways.

Truly an exciting game where the theme comes to life completely. Sauria is a perfect game if you are a fan of dinosaurs. Sauria has been live on Kickstarter since January 11th! Be sure to take a look at @sauria_game!

Millian Games thanks for the opportunity to play the prototype of Sauria!